Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

SAAD Holding GmbH is a fast-growing residential real estate investment company. Our expertise is creating tailor-made wealth management and investment solutions for our customers!

We operate our investment real estate portfolio in two very strong German regions: North Rhine Westphalia and Rhineland Pfalz.

We have developed unique investment concept that provides our investors following benefits:

4 years rental guarantee (™) – renewable
Asset management included
No additional costs
This makes your investment in German real estate a worry-free asset.

By October, 2020. SAAD Holding has over 36,000 m2 of residential apartments under management.

Yes. You as an investor become a full owner of the apartment that you purchase. This is directly secured by your title in the Grundbuch (German court land registry) and you make your purchase directly by signing a purchase contract with a German notary.

Buying Procedure

Purchase process is fairly simple, but it requires a couple of steps:

  1. First, you sign the reservation contract.
  2. In a follow up there is a sales contract draft prepared for you to sign by a German notary.
  3. You can choose whether you want to sign in the contract by making a visit to a notary in Germany in person or you can make a power of attorney (Genehmigung) which allows you to sign the contract in your place of residence.
  4. Afterwards you can send your payments and from there you start to receive your monthly rental income to your bank account every month.

You will start to get your rental income from the moment that money is received by us on our bank account, following the underlying sales contract.

Yes, it is possible for you to buy German real estate with your Belgian or Dutch company. For details, please contact us for further info.

Our vision in terms of holding an investment portfolio, in the long run, is to make from €0,50 to €1,00 profit per m2 of the real estate that we hold in our hands. That is why we carefully select the properties and areas in which we want to realize our projects.

With our renovation expertise from the in-house renovation team (Diam Service GmbH) and in-house Verwaltung team (Saad Verwaltung GmbH), we are always looking to maintain the positive cash-flow which allows us to give the rental guarantee for our clients.

Along with that all of our rental business is insured against the rent-nomads and we are paying close attention (SCHUFA® checks) to make sure that we put the right tenants in the apartments that we manage.

Bottom line is that we only make the money after our investor makes the money. So we keep 100% focused to keep this goal in check.

No, you don’t need to pay any extra management cost while you operate under our Rental Guarantee (™) contract